Our Mission

Dinabandhu Andrews Institute of Technology & Management( DAITM) has been set up in the year 2002 affiliated to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal (formerly known as West Bengal University of Technology), with the objective to emanate the scope of technical and management education. Without diluting this basic objective of producing IT & Management professionals with core competence in respective field , DAITM also intend to further fertilize the sharp minds of its students with specialized trainings in cutting edge topics of management and technology so as to produce matured young Managers & Technocrats with sharp communication skills and profound knowledge on impacts of globalization - a truly global intellectual product.



  • Creation of conducive learning atmosphere to inculcate Value based education.

  • Development of state of the art infrastructure and making education responsive to changes.

  • Creation of effective interface with Industry and strengthening Industry-Institutional interaction and Entrepreneurship Development as a whole.

  • Promoting research activities and establishing linkage with National and International Institutes of repute.

  • Developing the human resource towards the rapid progressive change towards industrialization of this state.



To develop an Institution of Excellence for advancement of Management & Technology and for creation of professionals with high sense of ethical values and commitment to the Society.



To produce sufficient number of capable young Managers & Technocrats to cater for the immediate needs of increasing demands of graduate technicians & management leaders for sustainable development of the ever increasing expansion of IT, and other Business sector.



To expand the academic activities to other branches of Engineering, Technology Mass Communication, Hospitality as per the requirement of the Industry.

To cultivate Research and Development activities for sustainable development of Technical & Managerial education.



To develop the Institution as a Centre of Excellence, capable of handling emerging areas of Management & Technology and continue to open up newer dimensions in Management & Technology through rigorous and innovative research practices with a vision of making it a Global resource centre.